Spy Slutz (released in 1979) introduces us to the original Spy Slutz: Glock Tease, Cherry Bomb, AnastaRockets and ingénue Honey Potts set on a reconnaissance mission by their Madame: Bertha Bazooka (B. B.) leader of the Power Pussies to take down the monstrous kingpin: Mr. Richard Head. But not is all as it seems when Russian Spy Slut and ice queen Anastasia Rockets develops feelings for undercover FBI agent, Hard Times.

SPY SLUTZ (formerly Spy Wh*res — cause feminism!) was the fictional T&A 70-80’s franchise that never was, now only available in the ephemera of the day: trading cards, posters, and rare clips digitized from VHS. You can check the current incarnation of the project at Spywh*res. com.