I have just finished the FREE Demo for TARPED BY A 3SOME:  a campy porn parody written by a ‘Domtrix Bufter’ in storybook style. See the details of the Story, Character Intro, etc. below.


Oznoez! Lord Jackingrod finds himself TARPED BY A 3SOME of Spick Span Sparkly Fresh Youths (all over the legal age of consent). Will his most lurvey lurve, the Dowager Cumswipple, rescue him from the wicked machinations of Freshly Spanky Bottom, TitsyWitsy PerkyTitts, and That Guy With No Discernable Features Except for his Very Large Jango Wango? Or does the Dowager have some tricks up her own sleeve?

***Must be over 18 years old and over to play.***

The Demo carries the complete Chapter 1 with only one ending, and hyperlinks to words in the glossary. Support for Chapter 1 will allow me to create an alternative ending, more art, embed the full glossary of silly smutty words to its own reference page, add character profiles and options, and more.

Current Status:

Chapters 2 & 3 have already been written and your support will go towards the making of the art assets and coding. Chapters 2 & 3 will be available to patrons only in advance of sales. As well as better equipment to record sound (yay–narration!). Eventually, the completed chapters will be bundled.

Ultimately, I am also aiming to produce a printed signed deluxe edition ‘storybook’, and Tarped by a 3some is just one in a series written by our naughty marm Domtrix Bufter. So your support will be going into subscription costs for Indesign, printers, and eventually shipping costs for wider distribution.

For Special Patrons, Domtrix Bufter will also be available to write the story you want told (within Patreon’s guidelines).

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